My name is Michelle Krassowski.  I once had a dog named Booger.

Miss Booger was always a VERY happy and rambunctious dog.  A Beagle/Pointer mix, she was solid muscle and as fast as lightening, but she got her name because once she met you, she stuck to you!

In the summer of 2006 when Booger was 10 yrs. old, she was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma of the skin, a form of cancer that affects blood vessel cells.  She immediately underwent surgery which removed most of it.  Given the type of cancer we were dealing with, her doctor gave her a guarded prognosis of only six months to one year to live.

I began researching holistic care for dogs and came up with a blend of vitamins and herbs that could possibly boost Booger’s immune system and help her body fight the cancer.  I hand-ground them and mixed them in beef gravy which I then poured over Booger’s breakfast.  The results were so noticeable that friends and family began asking me what I was feeding Booger.  Even the doctor couldn’t believe how well she was doing.

With encouragement from loved ones and much research on how to safely package the vitamin/herb blend without compromising its potency, I came up with Boogie Bites – homemade dog biscuits which I dipped in the vitamin baste.  At the same time, Boogerville – Doggy day care & pet sitting service was born.  Because Boogerville generated such a response from the public, Boogie Bites are currently unavailable, but may be again in the future.

After 10 years of pet sitting and boarding, I have developed a somewhat ‘’quirky’ sense of humor about pets and their antics…and how they relate to us humans.  By 2018, the ideas that had been swirling around in my head finally came out in the form of apparel, pet supplies and home goods, all proudly displaying my own designs that show off that ‘quirky’ sense of humor.

Sadly, Booger passed away on November 14, 2008.  She was 12 ½ years old… one and a half energetic years longer than expected.  Today, I get my inspiration from my current misfit crew of critters (check out their Mugshots!), as well as my clients.  This blog is a tribute to the happiness that pets bring us, and I hope it brings a smile to your face as you read my stories. You will probably be able to relate to a lot of them!  So thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow us so you don’t miss anything!