As some of you may know, Seamus (italicized because we pronounce it with emphasis and a hint of dread!) has been coming to my house for daycare since he was only eight weeks old.  He is now five years old.

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Seamus is a wonderful dog.  He is a German Shorthaired Pointer, so he’s very sweet and stunningly handsome, but…

Because he’s a German Shorthaired Pointer, he is full-tilt.  I don’t have many pictures of him because if he is standing, he is a wiggly blur.  We have lovingly dubbed him ‘The Gnat’ because he is always moving erratically.  Even if you can get him to sit down, his head is still moving around aimlessly LOL!  So, if you want pictures you have to do burst shots and hope that just one of them comes out clear!

Oh, Seamus...That Face!

This expression on Seamus’ face says A LOT about him.  There definitely is NOT much going on in his head… But we LOVE him!!!

Some of you may also remember when we had Triple Puppy Days here.  It was when the old clan of Oskar the German Shepherd, Roo – the Cattle Dog, and Seamus would all be here for daycare together.


They loved each other so much that they each would whimper and howl when you said the name of one of the other three.  We used to call them the Three Amigos because they were the best of friends!

The German Shepherds eventually moved away and Roo stopped coming for daycare, but Seamus is still a regular every week.   My dogs would play with him sometimes, but they are older.  They just couldn’t keep up and they would get worn out!

Then a few months ago our friends got a Silver Labrador puppy.  Merlin was full-tilt as well and a light bulb went off in my head…  he should meet Seamus!

After months of trying to match schedules, it finally happened today because Merlin and his new brother, Moose are boarding here for the week.  My instinct was right on…  They are a perfect match for each other… times three!  So without further ado, here is how their meeting went yesterday:


Success!  They had a blast!  A New Three Amigos has been formed, I just hope Merlin & Moose can come to play with Seamus more often (hint, hint to Merlin’s parents)!

So now you’ve met our honorary Boogervillains; Seamus, Merlin, and Moose.  I am sure there will PLENTY of stories to tell you about them in the future.  I hope you enjoyed getting to know them… and us.

From all of us Boogervillains, both original and honorary,  we wish you and yours a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday!


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