Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.    My dogs…. May not quite feel the same.

My Dogs in Halloween Costumes
We’d BETTER get treats after this!

They somehow know what it means when I either bust out the costume box, or I come home with shopping bags filled with brightly colored things…that aren’t toys.

It means they will have to endure looking ridiculous for at least one photo shoot, maybe more…and heaven forbid I should throw a Halloween party and make them pose for other people while they go gaga over them! (They really do love the attention…and the treats!)

Halloween Dog Costumes
Those are NOT toys, Ma!

My boys are used to it though, so they comply…quite nicely, I might add.

They tolerate my antics because they know that it means lots of praise…and treats for them.  In fact, I have been dressing them up for holidays for several years now and I think they rather enjoy the limelight!

Cracker, my Pitbull (the laziest dog I have EVER known!), will eventually grow weary and just lay on his back in protest – mid-shoot.  He’s my ‘Enough-for-now’ signaler haha!  He will, however, let me have another go at it later if I need to.

Cracker Protesting a Christmas Photo Shoot
Cracker Protesting a Christmas Photo Shoot

My boys are professionals when it comes to things like this.  They are very well socialized because they work with me in my business and are accustomed to interacting with both people and other pets.  To them, wearing a costume is simply an occupational hazard of being a Boogervillain!

That being said, it is always important to acknowledge what your dog or cat will tolerate, and not force them into doing something that makes them uncomfortable or even frightens them.

Halloween is a very fun time of year for us, but the costumes, decor and ghoulish sounds can certainly frighten an animal.  Not to mention it is a holiday that comes with its share of mischief, and you need to be prepared for pranksters.

Halloween at My House

All of us here in Boogerville want to help you make this the best Halloween ever.  If you would like some helpful ideas and advice on how to safely include your furry friends in on the fiendish festivities this Halloween, please check out our article, Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats.  It covers topics like costume choices, treats and other things to avoid, dog etiquette, pet safety, and home safety.

So check it out, check it off, and then go out and have fun with your critters!

Happy Halloween!!!




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