Liam: Molester of Stuffed Toys.


And then there’s Liam…..

20150111_234727  This is Liam.

Liam is a 10 yr. old Yorkie that weighs barely more than 5 lbs., but has a TON of attitude!  He is tiny!  I refer to him as my ‘half dog,’ partly because he is so small and partly because he is half mine.  He was my best friend/roommate’s dog and when she moved across country she couldn’t take him with her.  So, he became our ‘.5 addition’.  He has fully earned the respect of every Boogervillain, native and honorary, because of his giant personality.  


Liam enjoys the finer things in life.  He relishes in taking naps, sunbathing on the deck, going on walk-about around the yard (hey, that’s a long walk when you’re that small!)  But alas, Liam has a darker side…He’s a stuffed toy rapist. No stuffed toy is safe around him, although he does have a favorite…his stuffed zebra ass.  Yes, Liam has a toy ass! Hahahaha!  I kid you not!!  Look, here it is…

Hahahahaha!!!  You thought I was kidding, right?  I had to toss it to him after I took that picture because he saw me with it!  But hey, everyone has a vice! Liam’s just happens to be a little disturbing…hmmm.

His other favorite hobby, when he’s awake, is looking out the front window for cars or people going by.  Then he gives one quick yip and all the other dogs go running out the dog door to go bark at them in the yard.  That is, until I get to the door and give a sharp ‘HEY’ to stop them in their tracks, LOL!!!  The funniest part is that the other dogs get stuck in the dog door because they have no concept of ‘one at a time’!  Whenever I turn back to Liam to scold him he is just sitting there, paws crossed, with the sliest looking snicker on his face.  It always ends with saying ‘you’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?’


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the native Canine Boogervillains.  In the next few posts I’ll tell you about the Feline Boogervillains.  Thanks again for reading and we’ll be seeing you soon!


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