This is Jack.


Jack came to live with me in 2009 when a friend posted on the neighborhood forum that he needed a home because she could no longer keep up with him.  That wording alone should have sent up a red flag for me but obviously, I missed it!

I told her to bring him by to meet Munster and we’ll see how they get along.  She showed up with his food, bed and toys, stayed for 20 minutes and said ‘they seem to be getting along fine.’  …Then she ran like hell!  Hahaha!!!

Jack is a sheltie that has a lazy ear and he is too tall for breed standards.  He’s a show reject, basically.  But I don’t care about that because his personality is larger than life!  Anyone who knows shelties knows that they are springy, cocky, mouthy dogs and Jack is a typical sheltie.

He is also part goat…he will eat ANYTHING!  I now have ‘step’ trash cans because he would eat the trash.  I don’t leave any clothing, paper, tissues, rubber bands, plastic…anything, laying on the floor…or on my night stand, for that matter, because it will be consumed!  When I walk the dogs, he is constantly trying to eat the tall grass on the side of the road.  He has mastered grabbing a clump of grass in his mouth and eating it on the go!

He is also a tire biter…he runs the fence when cars go by.  Some of my neighbors used to rev their engines and egg him on!  When we go for walks the neighbors like to stop and chat, but while we’re talking they will roll their vehicle back and forth just to make him go crazy over the tires moving…

Jack goes Commando all year round and he LOVES it!  He has a collection of sweatshirts for the colder months.  I keep him shaved…short, because he gets so hot that he sleeps on my a/c vents and makes my electric bill go through the roof.  I have to go almost down to his skin because his undercoat is too thick for any clipper guard, but, he also gets hot spots so keeping him shaved alleviates that.  I’ll have to get someone to take a video of him after I’ve shaved and bathed him because it is so funny.  He runs around the house and yard barking like “I’m naked!!  Look at my junk!!!”  We’re both happier with him naked so it’s a win-win!

Hey!  It’s about function, not fashion!  Notice the flag on the end of his tail…I love it!!!

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned to meet the rest of my Band of Miscreants!

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