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Sorry It has been a while since my last post.  I had the nerve to take a mini vacation for 3.5 days and naturally work was 5 times busier for a few weeks afterward, just to get even, haha!  I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!

I want to introduce you to my dogs; Munster, Jack, Cracker and Liam.  They are my boys,..my pack,..my unwavering clan of cronies.  Can you tell I love ‘em?  I’ll start with Munster, because he has the most complicated story.  

20141213_184735 This is Munster.

I got Munster in 2007 when he was approximately 10 months old.  His ‘family’ kept him tied to the back of a truck near their chicken coop and his job was to protect the chickens.  They must not have told him that because every time a chicken got killed they would beat him.  I actually saw children hitting him with sticks…

Long story short, animal control picked Munster up and I brought Booger there to meet him and he came home with us!  He was very shy and timid at first but that quickly changed.  Within a couple of weeks his lack of any socialization and training was VERY apparent!  He was a nightmare!

He chewed on my furniture legs, urinated in the house, ran away many times and scared a lot of the neighbors…more on that in a minute.  I am sure there is much more but I’ll reveal his full rap sheet in the future, haha!

You might be asking yourselves how I dealt with all of this chaos and got him to blossom into what I now refer to as my role-model for the other dogs that come to stay here.  Well, let’s see, the furniture chewing was the easiest to resolve…Tabasco sauce.  Yup!  I brushed it on all of my furniture legs and anything else he tried to gnaw on.  All it took was 1 or 2 licks and he was cured of that deviant behavior.  Victory!!!

The urinating in the house was slightly harder, well for me, anyway.  I tried every conventional method and nothing worked.  Finally I was so fed up that when my then boyfriend came home from work one day I told him he “had one week to teach that dog to pee outside or he is out of here”.  Theo looked at Munster and said “come on Munsy, let me show you”.  They went into the back yard and stood side by side.  Theo began peeing in the yard with Munster watching.  Next thing I know (I was watching from the window), Munster leaned forward and began peeing along side him!  I was so mad I could have screamed!  It couldn’t be that easy!  But as God as my witness, it worked!  And Munster has never peed in the house since!

Now…the scaring of the neighbors, hehe…

I mentioned in the past that Munster is the reason for us putting up the fence, hence Miss Booger’s Pet Sitting was born.  He used to go wandering the neighborhood chasing deer and whatnot, and he would pass through other yards and growl at whoever approached him.  So, we installed the fence and then one day I was channel surfing and came across The Dog Whisperer…I was amazed.  I began watching it religiously and implementing his methods.  I also started walking Munster 2.5 hours a day.  This went on for months but I was definitely seeing results.  He still growls…at everything, even himself, but eventually we noticed that even though he growls a lot, the other dogs seemed to pay no attention to it.  That’s when it dawned on me that he chews on his feet and growls at himself for entertainment!  After all, when you spend the first 10 months of your life tied to a truck, what else is there to to do?!

Today, everyone that knew him back then and even new people are amazed at how well behaved he is, and I couldn’t be more proud of him!  He still grumbles nervously if strangers reach out to touch him, so I just explain his past to everyone and tell them to just ignore him and not touch him.


Well, I think I’ll leave it at that for now so you all can get on with your day.  I will write about my other 3 canine companions in the next posts.  I hope you are enjoying reading these posts and getting to know all of us Boogervillains, because I am really enjoying writing them for you.  Have a great day and we’ll see you soon!

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