I can’t introduce you to all the Boogervillains without first paying homage to the gal who inspired it all, or at least the first phase; my best girl, Booger.  If you haven’t already, read how Booger inspired my business on my website.  Let me tell you about her as a dog and a friend here, if that’s okay.

113_1390This was Booger.

Booger was a beagle pointer mix and was the sweetest dog that ever lived.  I know everyone says that about their dog, but she was!  She didn’t have a mean bone in her body, which made her a terrible guard dog.  If the doorbell rang she would bark while running to hide behind me – haha!  She even had a heart-shaped splotch on her side!

When I would walk her and we would encounter people, I would jokingly say ‘kill, Booger, kill!’ and she would wiggle waggle up to them so they could pet her!  I swore if anyone ever broke into the house she would just show them where the T-R-E-A-T-S were!  

For her tenth birthday, we threw her a party!  She used to love to rip open presents!


I can’t remember what year it was, but Booger was a Jefferson County Bark-In-The-Park Tail-Wagging Champion!  She out-wagged all the competition that year and there were some tough competitors, haha!

20160728_150606This is Booger and I after she won!

She was very intuitive with me; I didn’t have to say anything to her and she always knew my next move.  At first she followed me all over the house, but she eventually realized that I never stay in one place long enough for her to lay down so she found the perfect spot from where she could watch me wherever I went.  She was always ready whether I needed a dance partner (yes, she danced with me) or a shoulder to cry on.

….That all happened later…once she turned about 7 yrs old.  Up until then, she was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!  It took me 7 years to fully housebreak her.  Finally, crate training did the trick but she still did the nervous/excitement pee until we consulted a trainer who gave us some simple yet effective advice.  I will divulge that tidbit in a future post (hey, I gotta get you to come back somehow!)

She was full of energy, lightning fast and destructive…she shredded my childhood teddy bear, she ate cigarettes, she ate gravel…she ate an AA battery one time and pooped it out the next day!! …Total nightmare!   She was lucky she was so sweet!


I adopted Booger when she was 6 months old and she passed away at 12.5 years old.  I admit that there were times when she was a puppy that I almost gave up on her, but I’m so glad I didn’t.  Booger captured my heart and inspired my imagination and I owe all that I am today to her.

So if there are any of you out there who are currently frustrated with a nightmare puppy, hang in there…it could very well end up being a journey that changes your life!

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  1. What an amazing story. That inspires me to look at all pets and breeds equal. There are a few breeds that i wanted nothing to do with. But recently that has changed for the good. You seem to be doing a great job and your patience and love for animals says alot about you.

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