Hiya and Welcome to The Boogerville Times!

The first post is always the hardest to write, right?  Well, here it goes…

Like most first-time bloggers I have been struggling on what to write in my first post. So, I guess I will start by telling you a little more about myself and my band of furry miscreants. If you’ve checked out my ‘About Me” page and their ‘Boogervillain Mugshots‘, you might think that we are a bunch of heathens who live like, well, animals! I assure you, we’re not…and we don’t…well, most of the time anyway!

A little bit more about me, hmmm…what’s to tell?

20160514_173703  That’s me.

I’m a 43-year-old single gal (whoop whoop!) who absolutely loves animals of all kinds. I have a strong personality and a dark sense of humor (you’ll see), I work hard, but I can play hard too. My friends have told me that they always come to me when they need to hear the brutal truth. Oh, and I can tend to have a mouth like a sailor at times (Hey, I worked in construction!)…but I will keep this blog as PG-rated as possible. If I slip, my apologies ahead of time! LOL!

Here in Boogerville, I am the ‘Alpha Chic.’ I set the rules and I enforce the rules. Do the Boogervillains sometimes break the rules? With eleven of my own under one roof? Of course! But then they have to answer to Mama! I have been told by many that I run a tight ship and that some of our guest dogs that boarded here have actually been better behaved upon returning home, to which I usually reply “That’s because they are too tired from playing right now to misbehave!”

The bottom line is that I have raised all of my dogs to have manners and that is something that I will touch on here quite often because it is kind of a ‘pet peeve’, if you will, of mine. My boys are not allowed to jump on people, bolt through an open door without an invitation, bark incessantly, beg (not blatantly, at least), etc.. But, they all have their antics, even the cats, which is what I love about them.

Well, I don’t want to bore you on your first visit, so that’s enough about me for now. I think what I’ll do is save telling you about the Boogervillains for the next few posts. Yes. I will break it down…I will not try to tell you about all eleven of them in one post LOL! Who has time to read all that, right? Then we’ll get into the many stories and tidbits I have for you.  

So, thanks for stopping by, and I truly hope that you will enjoy reading our blog. Hope to see you again soon and hear from you as well!

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